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About the 30 year reunion

The 30 year will be awesome! Friday Night Social, Saturday Brunch, and Saturday Night Wayzata Pub Crawl! Of course fun is not always free :) but it can be cheap! The $45 fee buys you a wristband that will give you access to the brunch and designated spaces during the social and pub crawl. It will also provide you with drink discounts at the participating bars. See below for the details!

Want to know who's coming? Check out the attendee list!

Time to sign up folks! The reunion festivities are only 2 weeks away, and We have costs to meet to secure our venues! What are you waiting for!
Only $45/person!

Q: So what does the $45 cover? A: All 3 events! which includes both the venues, and the brunch!

Q: Is the cost reduced if I can't attend all the events? A: Sorry... No :(

Q: Are kids welcome to the brunch? A: We all love kids right? we do... but we'd prefer kids stay at home.

Q: Why should I pay if I'm not going to the brunch? A: Again the $45 helps cover the costs for ALL the venues, not just the brunch at the Wayzata Country Club. The wristband you'll be provided will also give you access to the reserved areas at Birch's (on Friday) and Cov (on Saturday Night), and will give you special drink discounts at the participating bars.

How many people?

The party details...

Time to gather '87 Wayzata Alumni, Gonna be fun!! Below is the schedule of events.

22-40 what

For Starters

+ Birch's On The Lake
July 28, 7pm - ????

The 30 year reunion starts with a Friday night social at Birch's (the Old Billy's Lighthouse). There we will hand out the wristband's for the weekend festivities. Come by, have a drink, it's totally casual man.


22-40 when

...Next Day

+ Wayzata Country Club
July 29, 12pm - 3pm

Next on the agenda is a fabulous brunch at the Wayzata Country Club. A little more formal, and official, but still good times to be had for all. And the food! You gotta check out the menu below!


wayzata reunion where

Closing it out

Wayzata Pub Crawl
July 29, 5pm - ????

Last on the schedule is the Pub Crawl which starts at 5pm at any of these locations: BajaHaus, McCormichk's, & Cov, and will go until whenever! We're talking fun, fun, fun, folks! The wristband you'll be provided will gain you access to the prime patio space we have reserved at Cov and will also provide you with happy hour drink prices at the pariticipating bars below.

Wayzata bars offering happy hour drink prices w/ wristband!
No wristband No discount!

Brunch Menu

  • - Fresh "Prince of Bel Air" Fruit Platter
  • - WCC "Burning Down The" House Salad (mixed green salad with white balsamic vinaigrette dressing)
  • - Wham's Warm Carmel Rolls
  • - Hall's Bacon and Oate's Sausage
  • - Falco's Fingerling Potatoes
  • - Eddie Van Halen's Egg Stratta "caster"

Also included is a Waffle Bar, Chef Station Omelette and Eggs, and a Bloody Mary Bar!
* Sorry Bloody Mary's are not included in the reunion brunch purchase. Wayzata Country Club is also a CASH BAR ONLY. Sorry NO Credit Cards, and DO NOT have an ATM Machine. Sorry :(


Coming from out of town? Here are some hotel recommendations


Our Reunion isn't just about our class, it's also about the teachers who taught us! Have a favorite you'd like to invite! Go for it! We encourage it actually... and it's even free for them! Just another thanks from the best class Wayzata has ever churned out :)

Email Us If A Teacher Is Coming!

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Hey drop the 30 year reunion crew a line... let us know if you may be joining in the fun!

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